Grief Support Tips for the Widowed October 22, 2020


Widowed and surviving.  Losing a spouse is such a hard loss to manage. No matter the age or stage of life you are in when the loss occurs it is a major life change. Loneliness can hit like a brick and carry on for years. Being widowed has so many micro losses within the large outlying loss of the actual person by your side. While everyone grieves differently and on their own timeline it is important to check in on how you are processing your loss. If you find yourself struggling to grow in your grief, here are some ways to continue to survive widowhood. 

Read books about grief and widowhood

Reading others’ stories and learning from their experiences or studies can be beneficial to your own grief. If you go to your local library you can find so many options to read. There are books that will walk you through the grief with questions to answer and goals to achieve.  Academic books that study grief  can give you a better understanding of what you may be feeling. There are personal grief stories that you can gain from. Look here for some great options. 

Join A Grief Support Group for Widows

There is nothing like being able to open up with others who are going through similar experiences. Grief often isolates and makes us feel alone. Joining a support group for the widowed or grief in general is an important part of the overall road to healing. Seek out grief support groups through churches, YMCA and our funeral home. 

Grief Journaling 

Write down what you are feeling. Get out a pen and pad or a computer and just write whatever it is you are feeling. The great thing about journaling is there is no pressure to grieve in a certain way or to act strong. When you write, dig deep and just spill your guts. If you are angry write it down and don’t hold back. If you feel relief at the loss you can write it down and feel no guilt that someone will judge you. When you are done you can even rip it up and throw it away if you want.


Moving your body and exercising is good for just about everything. It can get those endorphins and dopamine flowing. When your brain and body are feeling good it will be easier to find the hope for the future. 

Listen to music or podcasts

When you are experiencing grief and especially when you have been widowed. The silence can be deafening. You used to have someone with you all the time, used to have a partner to think about and talk to and get advice from. When your spouse is gone loneliness is a major struggle. Listening to music or a podcast is a great way to distract your mind and fill it with positivity and learning. 

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