Ongoing Grief Support November 5, 2020

Ongoing Grief Support

Looking for additional grief support? Everyone’s grief story is unique. Grief doesn’t stop in 3 months, one year or any amount of set time. Pain of grief ebbs and flows and changes over time but it may be with you for a very long time if not forever. 

Grief Support Needs May Change over Time

As you navigate your grief story the type of support you need may change. In the beginning stages of your grief more intense therapy or counseling can help you process your loss. As time passes you may feel as though you may not need that high level of grief support as often. Even when much time has passed it is always healthy to continue with your processing and healing.

Grief Support Group Option

Today I am going to talk about one great option for grief support. I have had the pleasure of facilitating support groups that are called “Journey to Freedom”. In this blog post I am going to focus on “Journey to a New Beginning After Loss: Freedom from the Pain of Grief and Disappointment”. Journey to Freedom is a series of books that each have their own focus. The in person groups have taken place in YMCA, churches and prisons throughout the world, to name a few. During this current time where social distancing is the name of the game, groups have gone virtual. In addition you could simply purchase the book and go through it on your own or with a friend. 

Journey to Freedom

What to expect in this study/book. The book takes you through each of the “stages of grief”. Each chapter has helpful insight and personal stories of grief and healing. The author Scott Reall dives deeper into all the things that come along with grief and loss. Reading the book alone or with a group really creates a real feeling of universality. It helps you to see that you are not alone in your grief and that continued grief support is essential.

  • Loss and Denial
  • Overcoming the Anger Associated with Loss
  • Bargaining
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance: A New Day
  • Personal Plan of Change

Doing the Work

At the end of each chapter there are questions that you will answer that help you dig deeper into your own grief and loss. The questions are helpful in uncovering pieces of your grief that maybe you haven’t come to terms with or don’t understand. When participating in a “Journey to Freedom” group the facilitators guide you in sharing your insight as well as hearing from others. I found the more you hear others’ experiences the more it resonates with you and lets you know you are not alone no matter where you are in your own grief story.

Personal Plan of Change

At the end of the book and in the last of the 8 week group you create a “personal plan of change”. There is an outline that you will then fill with a plan on how you are going to work on healing going forward. It helps you acknowledge your struggles and then goes on to set specific goals for each area of your life. Another important piece to your plan of change is deciding who is a part of your grief support group or team. 


I have participated in this group time and time again as a facilitator. I say no matter where you are in your grief and what type of support you have had in the past, Journey to Freedom always helps you learn and process new things. No matter how you seek out grief support, make sure you make that an important piece of your healing journey.

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