Can I Pre Plan My Own Funeral? December 3, 2020

Pre plan my own funeral

Can I pre plan my own funeral? How can you plan something that will occur after your death? Have you ever thought about what it would look like for those who are grieving you at your funeral? Then you must also have thought about what you would like it to look like. Maybe you have thought of what you hope your legacy to be or what you don’t want. 

Pre Planning your Own Funeral Lets YOU have the Final Say.

I have heard a lot of people mention how they do not want their funeral to be a sad occasion. They want people to remember all the good stuff and highlight the fun personality when they were living. A true celebration of life rather than a sorrowful darkness.

I had a conversation with my 90 year old grandmother who mentioned she did not want people to be able to come up and speak about her. That was a little bit of a surprise and also needed clarification on what that meant to her.

Death can be a sensitive subject for so many. Talking about death can feel scary for a lot of people. Some are even superstitious about talking about death almost as if it would make it happen. Avoiding conversations about death may keep from an uncomfortable afternoon but it may create a very uncomfortable situation for those you leave behind.

Death is inevitable. It is sad because trauma and loss comes along with death, but it is something that will happen to everyone no matter how much you may want to avoid it. So when you ask if you can plan your own funeral. The answer is YES! 

Pre planning is one of the best things you can do. Yes it can all be done well before it’s ever needed. Some of the hardest times to plan a funeral is when you learn that your death is coming soon or for your family and loved ones after your death has occurred. Pre planning your own funeral takes the pressure off of an already traumatic experience.

Getting Started: Plan your own funeral?

  1. Who do you want to be in charge of your funeral?
  2. What type of burial do you want?
  3. What kind of memorial would you like to have?

While making decisions on each of these it is important to research the rules and regulations of funerals in your state. Talk with family and those who will be responsible for your afterlife decisions. Once you have your desires in mind create a file where you will keep all of the important information. Call your local funeral home today for help getting started on your pre plan or fill out this simple online form

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