5 Reasons People Don’t Pre Plan their Funerals January 7, 2021

reasons people don't pre plan

Pre planning a funeral probably is not on many peoples’ list of favorite things to do. That makes it easier to avoid doing it all together. There are so many reasons people do not pre plan. Today I will talk about some of the reasons, dare I say ‘excuses’ that people typically have to avoid pre planning their funeral. 


Have you already pre planned your own funeral and made those all important after life decisions? If the answer is NO, why not? 


5 Reasons People don’t Pre plan their Funeral

1.Too young 

Maybe you are still young and healthy. Young kids running around and full lives ahead of you. God willing that will be the case for a long time to come. The reality is that nobody knows what tomorrow brings. The sooner that you can start pre planning the more you will be prepared for anything that life brings your way.


2. Don’t like to think about death

Who likes thinking about death, especially your own?  Thinking of death can seem morbid. The truth is that death will come for us all whether we are open to talking about it or not. The more you avoid talking about the inevitable the more stress you place on others to have to figure it out for you when you no longer have a say.


3.Don’t have money to put aside

Finances are a top reason people put off pre planning. The thought that you don’t have the money to put aside at this time. Going back to number 1, being young, feeling like you have time and will have more financial success in the future to pay for a funeral. 


Something to think about is the sooner you pre plan the more options you have for the size and length of the payment plans. You could make small payments over a period of time and have a major burden lifted off of loved ones. 


4. Want someone else to do it. 

It can be intimidating planning your own funeral and may seem easier to hand it over to someone else. Planning alongside someone else is a great idea. If you want someone to be in charge of planning your funeral it is important that you talk with them and have communication on expectations. The reality is that someone else planning your funeral without your input is more of a strain on them. 


5.  Procrastination

Procrastination is really a symptom of a multitude of other “issues”. It may just be the biggest reason people don’t pre plan funerals. Procrastination can be a result of anxiety about making decisions. It can be all of the reasons above. They say, “No decision is a decision”. Putting off decision making puts you in a place where you end up having less options and may not have your desires play out the way you want.


Alright so there you have it, 5 reasons people don’t pre plan their funeral.

After reading this list I hope that you see not having a pre plan makes things more challenging for everyone involved. You can find some great resources here and get started on your own pre plan.

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