Picking a Word for Grief Healing January 21, 2021

Picking a Word for Grief Healing

Oh Boy, did 2020 throw us all for a loop. We are just over halfway through the first month of a new year. So many of us have experienced grief and loss this year. A new year and a new start and some grief healing is what we all need.


What is your opinion on resolutions, do you set any and if so do you stick to them? I know some people have stopped setting New year’s resolutions because so many do not stay with them. There is an option that has become a little more trendy over the last couple years which is picking one word intention for the year.


I thought that the idea of selecting one word was a nice way to create a theme for the year overall and may make it easier to stay committed to your goal. You can also use the same concept to set an intention for your grief healing. 


So here is how you do it.


Gather your thoughts

Where are you in your grief healing? Is there a certain place you find yourself struggling? Maybe forgiveness of self or others. Maybe you have struggled to find joy even as you grieve. Think deeply about where you are at and how you would like to grow through your grief.


Choose a word for Grief Healing:

 Once you have gathered your thoughts and pinpointed an area you want to grow, it is now time to pick a word. An example of a word I have used in the past is “connection”, when I chose this word I was feeling alone in my grief and felt that a big part of my healing would be connection with others. Think about a word that encompasses your intentions in your grief healing. 

Focus on the word: 

Now that you have your word to focus on brainstorm what it will take to fulfill your intention. You can make a list of goals and steps you will take. You can also just make the word very visible and ingrain it into your mindset. Ask yourself each day what am I doing today to feel more “connected”, insert your word of course.


The start of a new year can be a great time for making positive changes in life. Taking another step on your way to grief healing is just one more of those places you can be intentional and grow stronger. 


While you choose your word for the year also remember to always keep your support strong. If you have a great support system continue to go to them and seek guidance. If you need additional support go here to get started. 


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