Movies That Speak to Our Grief January 28, 2021

Movies that speak to grief

Curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a big bowl of popcorn can often be just what the doctor ordered. Movies that speak to our grief can help on the path to healing. The best movies are the ones that we can see ourselves in and have a way of conveying emotions and experiences we may have felt as well. 


There is something so cleansing about watching a movie and shedding tears as you watch the story unfold. That emotional connection a viewer feels is often the feeling that leads to a good review of the movie. 


The movie CoCo is one of those movies that can really speak to your grief. 

If you do not live in a house full of kids you may not even know about this movie. It is an animated movie made back in 2017.  You can find it on Disney + streaming service or on DVD at most stores that carry entertainment.


A brief overview:


Coco is an animated movie that follows the character Miguel. Miguel is a young boy who has a passion for music despite it being forbidden by his family, particularly his grandmother, abuelita. Miguel’s family is preparing to remember their deceased loved ones as the “Day of the Dead” approaches.

As Miguel tries to assert his independence and explore his passion for music he comes across some surprising family secrets. This leads him to the land of the dead where he meets his beloved ancestors. New family history is uncovered and bonds are created. 


Spoiler Alert!


Okay, I will do my best to not actually spoil the movie. You should definitely watch it. At the end though there is a great moment and a song called ‘Remember Me’. A few of the lyrics go like this, “Remember me, though I have to say goodbye, remember me, don’t let it make you cry, I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart. Remember me, though I travel far, remember me. Each time you hear a sad guitar, know that I am with you the only way that I can be, Remember Me”


The movie CoCo is really about remembering loved ones who have passed and finding those truths that make the bonds unbreakable even after death. The story is a heartwarming reminder of the importance of remembering those who have passed on. It is also a tale of how it is absolutely possible to keep someone’s spirit alive and well even after they are no longer with us.


CoCo is a heartwarming story that might just get those tears flowing and awaken the grief inside of you. If it does just that embrace the grief and remember those you have loved and lost. 

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