Grief Journaling Prompts for Widows and Widowers February 11, 2021

Journaling for Widows

There are many emotions we feel when we grieve. Some emotions are stronger than others. Some emotions we don’t experience at all when we go through the grieving process. Everyone grieves differently.


Sometimes these emotions can come like waves and we can’t understand what is going on. When we go through these phases, it is important to remember we are in a process of healing from a loss.


People turn to grief journaling to help them process. Grief journaling can be helpful for anyone including widows and children. Whether you are completely new to the idea of journaling, or have done it in the past, there are many benefits to motivate you when deciding to journal.


What’s Grief Journaling?


Grief journaling helps put your various thoughts and emotions on paper. Journaling is an awesome way to understand how and why you are feeling the way you do. If you’re new to grief journaling, check out this article on how to use grief journaling and this article for more tips on journaling through your grief


Journaling Prompts For Widows And Widowers


Select a journal and writing material. Your journal and pens, pencils, or markers are a reflection of you. You are in charge of the smallest, yet meaningful, details. Are you going to want to bring the journal with you or leave it at home?


Think of a theme. To help you start journaling, think of a theme. Will you write daily or weekly? Consider using a quote for each new input or a song lyrics. What will help you journal on those tough days?


Think of lines to start off with. Jennifer shares 21 ways to prompt writing points. Find your prompt points at Discover ways to heal today.


Think about them and you. You are in control of how you journal. You can journal about everything that is on your mind.  Journal about your beloved by making note of some of their favorite things from music to vacation spots.


Is this just for you? Think ahead of time if you will periodically share details with family or friends. Will this journal be personal to you? What will the purpose of your grief journal be?


How Do I Start?


Make your grief journal your own. You can write as often as you want. Grief journaling is great to help get your emotions on paper.


Are you in need of more answers to see if journaling is for you? At Brain and Life you can find answers to the power of journaling, how journaling helps the grief process, how journaling helps manage stress, how to start journaling, and more


You are not alone. There are healthy, positive ways to cope.

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