Everyone Needs a Support System for Grief April 15, 2021

Everyone Needs a Support System for Grief

Everyone needs a support system for grief. Isolation and loneliness is an epidemic in this country. Grief and anxiety is another problem in mass quantities. The time we are living in right now only perpetuates each of these feelings. So many people are experiencing loss at the same time being isolated from others.


Even without a global pandemic people are lonely. Feeling as though you don’t have anyone to lean on can really set back your healing. 


Maybe it is the social media where we see the highlight reel of people’s lives. When we look at others’ social media it is so easy to look at others and think negative thoughts about our own lives. It appears they go on the best vacations, have the best friendships and have the most well behaved children. 


We all know that social media is only a glimmer into someone’s life yet it can still feel defeated in comparison. So many people think they are the only one who is struggling. The only one who feels the pain like they do and the only one who has no one to talk to about it. That simply does not have to be true. For others they feel that they can “go it alone”.  Whether you are a more independent person or not it is important to connect with others


Everyone needs a support system for grief. 

There are so many reasons why you may not have a great support system. Maybe you feel you don’t need anyone else. That could be as a result of past pain and trust issues in relationships, Some may just be more introverted or have social anxiety and don’t want to “burden” others with their pain. Maybe you have lost loved ones who used to be there for you and now they are gone. 

No matter why your support system for grief is lacking it is so important to put effort into having people there for you. 


How to build a great support system

  1. Seek out people you trust
  2. Be willing to also support them in their lives
  3. Have a non judgmental empathetic listener
  4. Find support groups with guidelines to assure a secure environment
  5. Get professional help


A support system is more than one friend

Having a friend to talk to is a great start to creating a support system for grief. It is such a treasure to have a friend you can talk to about everything and anything and if you have that you are truly blessed. Even with the blessing of having good friends it is important that you include more people into your support system. It could be a number of other family members and friends who speak to growth in the other areas of life. Health, wellness and grief support all works together. 


Joining support groups is a great addition to your healing. Finding professional help is another piece of an entire support system. Therapists or counselors can give you a different perspective that you may not get from a friend or family member. Having a neutral voice is also so important. We all need that well rounded support system for the most thorough healing.

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