There is a Casket for Everyone April 29, 2021

There is a Casket for Everyone

I am amazed by the wide array of caskets on the market. Almost anything you can think of you can find. From a pink “mothers” casket to Louis Vuitton designer casket to a casket that looks like sneaker. I could just go on and on about the amazing designs and specialties that are out there. 


They say making a choice when there are less options is an easier decision. Well if that is the case choosing a casket will not be an easy one. Considering your likes and values will help to narrow the choices quite a bit in addition to dare I say, budget. 


I really just can’t get over the amazing creative caskets that I saw with just one search. Caskets that looked like airplanes, pool tables, classic cars, clear caskets, plush and bamboo. They remind me of the funeral procession this past week of rapper DMX. His casket was driven through the streets on a monster truck. It was described as his “last ride”. This display was so unique and special to him. 


What are some types of caskets?


There are two basic materials that caskets are made out of wood and metal materials.

Metal Materials include bronze, copper, Stainless steel and standard steel.

Wood materials include mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pine, poplar and veneer.

So maybe you are not in the market for an oversized pineapple as a casket but it is important to know what options there are. Pre planning and choosing a casket ahead of time is a great way to take the stress off of family members after you pass. 


Green Caskets

Being environmentally friendly is important to many people in life and they can continue to honor their values in their death. “Green” caskets are an eco friendly, biodegradable way to be buried. They will easily decompose when buried and have less impact on the earth.  No additional toxic materials are used as a result of being made of sustainably produced products. You can view our natural burial options here. 


Military Caskets

Veterans can have caskets made especially for them. Crafted in both beautiful wood or steel. Plaques and accessories will adorn them in addition to being displayed with their respective branch of the military. These specialty caskets are a great tribute to a loved veteran.



Custom caskets can be anything from choosing what color it will be to unique embellishments on the outside. There are some companies out there who specialize in what I will call, with all due respect, crazy customs. If you can imagine it you can find someone to create it for you. If you or a loved one wants your casket to represent you in a big way creative custom caskets are a fun way to show off your legacy.

As you can see there are so many options that you can certainly find one that suits you or a loved one. Having the right casket for a loved one is another way to honor the life they lived.

Prepare to leave the legacy you desire, find more information for your pre planning needs. You can also learn more about Willwerscheid Funeral Home and Cremation’s burial packages here.


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