Getting the Pre Planning Process Started June 3, 2021

pre planning process

Where to start with end-of-life Pre-planning Process

Do you like the idea of having your end of life decisions pre-planned but do not know where to start? Some things sound like a great idea  but the hardest thing to do can be taking the first step.  I don’t know about you, but I have started many things feeling motivated and excited about the final outcome.  I find myself being setback or not finishing at all because after the initial motivation I am at a loss for what the next step is. 


Preplanning is More than the Funeral

 When it comes to the pre-planning process there are a lot of pieces to it. One of the most notable pieces of preplanning is the funeral itself. That includes the type of burial or cremation you desire. The music you play or the religious traditions you wanted would be decided in this portion of the planning.  There is so much more that goes into a complete preplan than simply deciding what the funeral will look like.  The funeral can be a great place to start no doubt, but what else do you need?


Big decisions such as writing a will and funeral planning are a no brainer for most.  Some of the things that get easily overlooked are small things such as passwords for the “trash bill” or even how to unlock your phone. Creating a file that includes all your important end of life decisions and information is crucial to a complete preplan. 


Margie Jenkins shares in her book You Only Die Once about a fun way a client organized her end of life file. Not only is this a great outline for what information is needed in your pre planning file but it also brings some light heartedness to a heavy task. 


One for the Money– Financial and legal information.


Two for the Show– Showing and discussing information with significant others.


Three to Get Ready- Making end-of-life decisions.


Four to go- Funeral Planning.


Part of getting started is knowing where to start. 

I am sharing this checklist that has a list of important information to gather to create your pre planning file.  


  • Advance directives
  • Attorney
  • Bank Account
  • Birth certificate
  • Bonds/securities
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Burial info
  • CPA
  • Caregivers
  • Cars/Vehicles
  • Cemetery info
  • Divorce Papers
  • Financial Statements
  • Funeral Home Info
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Marriage license
  • Memorial Service
  • Military Papers
  • Mortgage
  • Obituary
  • People to notify
  • Real Estate titles
  • Social-Security/Medicare Info
  • Stocks/Mutual Funds Tax Returns
  • Wills

Read the checklist and start by highlighting all that applies to you. This list is compiled of mainly information that is administrative.  You can also go through and add in anything else that is important to you as you pre plan your end-of-life decisions. If you have more questions or are ready to start preplanning with a professional and helpful funeral home, simply fill out our simple online preplanning form.

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