Do Funerals Help the Grieving Process?  July 29, 2021

Do Funerals Help the Grieving Process

Do funerals help the grieving process? Some would say a definite yes. Having a funeral is always a sad occasion and grief is present. Some people question, do I have to have a funeral? Maybe for some it feels too painful. Other times the deceased may not have a large group of family or friends to invite to a funeral. Just as everyone’s life circumstances are different, so is the way that we grieve. 

5 ways Funeral Help the Grieving Process

1. A chance to say a final goodbye

A funeral allows for you to say goodbye. Denial can come into play after the loss of a loved one. No matter how much you can’t or don’t want to believe they are gone, at some point you will come to grips with the fact that they are gone. Even though it is painful there is something so final about lowering a casket into the ground. For this reason having that final goodbye can be so beneficial to the grieving process.

2. Allows you to honor them

There is a saying about how a funeral is for the living, not the dead. That simply means that the funeral is for those who are grieving the person. It allows us to reconnect and honor our loved one. To share stories and memories and cry about how much we will miss their presence in our lives. 

3. Support and be supported by loved ones

A funeral brings families together. You may carry out your daily lives miles apart from each other but when someone dies the family comes together. Funerals can often be a reminder about how much we miss our families or help us to recognize the need for connecting more often. 

Having a funeral brings others who loved and care for the deceased together and allows them to grieve together. In this way the funeral helps the grieving process. There is something so healing about knowing someone else sees your pain. 

4. Celebrate their legacy

Funerals help the grieving process because you can look back and know that you carried out their wishes and celebrated their legacy. This is made even more possible when they have pre planned their own funeral. If this is the case you can be assured that their wishes will be carried out and their legacy will live on.

5. Gives you a place to return to in their memory

When we think of a funeral we often think of a casket. Eventually that casket is lowered into the burial plot. Others have the caskets enshrined. Even when someone has a natural burial or is cremated you can still have a funeral. 

Wherever the remains of your loved one lies becomes a sacred spot. It can be a place of connection even after loss. You can go to the headstone to leave flowers or talk to them. 

If you plant a tree or create a memorial garden you can be a caretaker and reminisce on all the time you shared together. Having a place to return to and connect with your loved one even after death can help with the grieving process.


We all grieve differently for help in the grieving process or pre planning your own funeral follow this link.

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