Helping Kids Connect with a Loved One Who Died Before They Could Meet August 26, 2021

Helping Kids Connect with a Loved One Who Died Before They Could Meet

Helping kids connect with a loved one who died before they could meet or who died before the child was old enough to have any memory can seem a difficult task. Although it may take some effort it is possible. 


Many of us have lost loved ones who meant so much to us. After they are gone others enter into our lives and we so wish that they could have known the one who died. It could be parents who have a child who dies and another sibling is born after they are gone. As a parent there is no loss like losing a child. 


Helping Kids Connect with Loved Ones Who Died is Possible

There can be a strong desire that the younger child has a connection and relationship of sorts with the sibling they never met. It is so important to keep that memory alive for future generations.


There are so many other stories of families who want to connect with a relative who has already passed. A sibling, a parent or grandparent that they never got a chance to love the way you did.


How to Help Kids Connect with Loved Ones Who Died Before They Could Meet


Talk about them

One of the best ways to keep someone’s memory alive is simply to talk about them. Talk about all the things you loved about them. What kind of person they were. Remember all the good times you had with them.

Give someone their namesake 

It is a sign of honor to name someone after a loved one. This is another great way to keep their memory alive. If you are named after a loved one you will always carry a piece of them with you in your heart and in your identity. 

Continue to make them a part of celebrations

Continuing to celebrate a loved one’s birthday after they die is a nice way to stay connected and keep their memory alive. You can make their favorite food or watch their favorite movie or spend time at their grave site. Family events such as weddings are another place where you can honor the memory of a loved one. Leaving an open seat for them to signify their importance or even a simple mention in a program or sermon.

Keep pictures to reminisce

Keeping pictures is a great way to preserve those snapshots in time when your loved one was living. A family who lost a young daughter at age three continued to take family photos with her. She had a little brother born after she passed, when the family photos are taken they always do one where they hold a photo of her. It is a nice way to create that bond and connection and preserve her memory. It is a sweet sentiment that will help her younger brother feel connected with his sibling he never got to meet. 

Create a memorial to visit often

There are so many fun and unique ways to create memorials for loved ones. Planting a tree or other plants that will continue to grow for a long time. Wind chimes that create beautiful music as the wind blows through it. A truly meaningful memorial for a child who has passed could be a bench at their favorite playground. 


There are so many meaningful ways to help kids connect with family members who died before they could meet. It can also be challenging and may require additional support for yourself or others. Go here for additional support.

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