When You Know Nothing About Preplanning a Funeral September 9, 2021

When You Know Nothing About Preplanning a Funeral

When you know nothing about preplanning a funeral it can be hard to know where to start. A lot of people don’t ask questions and don’t get started preplanning for after death because they don’t even know what question to ask. 

There are so many reasons and dare I say excuses for why we haven’t started preplanning and making decisions about what we desire when we die. Talking about uncomfortable things can be, well, uncomfortable and is avoided or put off as much as possible. Talking about and planning for the aftermath of our own death can be weird and some may feel it is a bad omen. Despite all the reasons we may put it off it is so important to get a plan in place.


What to Know, When you Know Nothing about Preplanning a Funeral

It is more than burial or cremation

When you know nothing about preplanning a funeral it can be easy to assume all I really need to know is whether or not I want to be buried or cremated. That certainly is an important decision to make. In reality it is only one piece of the full puzzle. 


Don’t do it alone

If you have a spouse or an adult child or even a trusted friend who you can bring into the process it’s all the better. Having a support system is so crucial. It is also important to know that your loved one can carry out the plan. If they stand with you as you make the decisions you can bounce ideas and plans off of them.  It also allows you to ask their opinions on decisions that will be their job to follow through with after you die. 


Get professional help for best results

There are books and tutorials out there that you can follow along with in your preplanning. These can be useful although getting help from professionals can be a game changer. You can get professional guidance that ensures that your funeral and after life decisions will be made and documented in a way that allows your loved ones to focus on remembering their love for you. 


Take it further than the funeral

Preplanning is more than just the music you want to play or what color flower arrangements you like. Preplanning can go further and help manage all of your after life affairs. Something as simple as having phone or account passwords documented. In case loved ones need to access the trash company to pay the bill. Financial and legal documents should all be organized.  put in place so that a loved one who you trust and who you choose has access to when you are gone.


Make it your own

Preplanning is a personal process. A professional will guide you and ensure that every question that will need an answer will be covered.  At the end of the day, or the end of your life, it is your life. You get to lead the conversation. You get to make important decisions that will help keep your legacy alive. 

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