New Life Through Natural Burial and Cremation November 18, 2021

New Life Through Natural Burial and Cremation

Natural burial and cremation is the new “old” way of doing things. The development of technology makes things easier to do and more accessible than ever. However over time we have learned that technology is not always friendly to the planet. Over the past decade or so there has been a real desire to return to things that are natural, organic and green. 


Is natural burial and cremation for you?

Choosing natural burial and cremation is one of those ways you can contribute to a healthier planet. It is touted as the “new” green way to have a funeral, actually it is returning to pre-industrial traditions. You are still able to celebrate and take part in religious and cultural customs as well as honoring your own or your loved ones desire to be environmentally friendly.


Natural Burial 

A natural burial can be produced on a spectrum of “green”. The most “organic” is to wrap the body in a shroud that is placed directly into the earth. This is an option when there is a certified green cemetery. The next option which is more widely available is to use a biodegradable casket. Just like a traditional casket there are many options for natural environmentally friendly caskets. 

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Cremation may not be considered as green as a natural burial.  The process of cremation does have an environmental impact. However it uses much less resources in comparison to traditional burial in a casket. Cremation is still friendlier to the environment and can be even more so with a biodegradable urn.


Whether you want to be the greenest of green or somewhere in the middle natural burial and cremation have options for you. Now you get to be the decision maker on the legacy you leave. 


New life through a natural funeral

You won’t be using chemicals to preserve the body or materials that will remain in the earth and do not contribute to the ecosystem. This alone makes mother nature smile. As a result of a natural burial the life that is lost can carry on a legacy that lasts for all time. When the body returns into the earth “quickly and naturally” it will be a part of creating and regenerating new life for a greener future for all. 


Preplanning a natural funeral

Once you decide that a natural burial is for you the next step is to start the pre planning process. A pre plan honors your choice.  Not only will you be giving to the environment the gift of a natural burial you will be giving  your loved ones the gift of a preplanned funeral. They won’t have to worry about what you want or how to best honor you. You will make decisions. The stress is no longer on the shoulders of your loved ones.


Start your pre plan today.


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