Tips for Exploring Grief Through Photography December 9, 2021

Tips for Exploring Grief Through Photography

Tips for Exploring Grief Through Photography


Exploring grief through photography is a creative way to express your feelings. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. It is true, an amazing photo can speak to us in ways words can’t always do. 


Everyone grieves in different ways. The things that help you process your grief should be what works for YOU. Delving into your creative side may be the key to unlocking those feelings and expressing them. Putting grief into words can be hard for some people even so, it is important to process that grief. 


Sitting down on a couch and saying I feel sad, I feel hurt, I feel guilty does not work for everyone. Grief can make you clam up and even question what you do feel. Take those questions and start clicking the camera. Look at the world through a new lens. 


Some tips for exploring grief through photography


Get a Camera

If you don’t already have a fancy camera with a giant lens, don’t worry. Smartphone cameras are improving all the time and can take some pretty great photos. There are also a wide variety of options if you do want to invest in a camera.  

Find a location that inspires you or gives you the feels

What inspires you? Is it a sculpture garden or a sparkling body of water? It could even be something like a mission you believe in or some form of social justice that inspires you. Just taking a walk around the neighborhood park could bring inspiration. Remember it doesn’t have to be something that necessarily makes you feel better, it can be something that makes you cry. 


People you love, things you love, places you love….and hate.

Exploring your grief through photography starts with what and who you will photograph. Along with inspirational locations, ask yourself who and what do I love and hate? Start snapping photos of things you love and hate and your emotions may just come out as you do. 


Start snapping- it doesn’t matter how many bad pics you take

One thing I have learned when it comes to photography is the more pictures you take the better. Many of them look boring or don’t have the right lighting. You may take a photo and feel that it doesn’t do any justice for what you see in person. This is why I just snap as many pictures as possible. There will be a lot of duds but when you come across a good one it is a sight to behold. 

Edit for fun

If you are a beginner editing photos can take some trial and error to get it just right but that is the fun part. If you are using social media apps or smartphones there are some fairly basic ways to edit and accentuate photos in creative ways. Depending on what mood you are going for you can make it lighter or darker and adjust backgrounds. If you use more advanced editing tools such as photoshop the sky’s the limit for how you can create. Have fun with it and be as emo as you want. 

Research photography skills

There are so many blogs that have photography tips for beginners. If you are a more seasoned photographer sometimes it is fun to look at photographers studio pages to get inspiration for what you may want to shoot. 


Artistic outlets like photography can really help to explore and process grief. It allows for your feelings to pour out without the need to conjure up words that can’t quite express what you’re going through.

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