Pre-planning End of Life Decisions Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3. December 23, 2021

Pre-planning End of Life Decisions Can Be As Easy

Pre-Planning End of Life decisions can be as easy as 1,2,3.


I watched an episode of the TV show Insecure recently. In the show one of the characters named Molly is a lawyer and had been trying to convince and remind her 60-something parents to write their Will and get their end of life plans in order.

A new season of the show opens with her mother laying in a hospital bed. Wires and tubes are attached to her body keeping her alive. She had a stroke and remains unconscious.


 Molly, being proactive, asks her father about the end of life records that she has instructed them to do. He admits that they never followed through with making the plans. Molly of course becomes frustrated and scared not knowing whether her Mom will make it through and with no end of life decisions made. 


This story is not an uncommon one at all. How many of us have had others suggest, remind or cajole us to get pre-planning end of life decisions? Just having that conversation feels like a step in the right direction. However if you never take action, you could end up with nothing but regret. Pre-planning end of life decisions does not have to be hard. 


Why Have a Pre-plan?

Pre-planning end of life decisions is the best gift you can give your loved ones. Just like when the character Molly became drenched in fear realizing her Mother never completed her end of life plans, your loved ones will feel the same to find out they have no guide to honor you in the way you most desired. Having a folder that includes funeral plans that have already been financed takes a huge burden off of loved ones during a time of grief and mourning.


Pre-planning End of Life Decisions Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3.


  1. Contact pre-planning professionals 
  2. Sit down and create a plan with a professional who takes the confusion out of each step.
  3. Share your plan with a loved one who will carry out your end of life plans. 


Trying to navigate a pre-plan on your own is possible, however it is one of those things where having a pro guide is well worth the time and money you invest. You are making an investment in yourself and the legacy you will leave behind. You are giving a gift of peace-of-mind not only to yourself but also to all those you love. Your desires will be followed. Your values will be highlighted and your legacy will live on. 


The character Molly’s Mother did end up waking up and was able to go home. The family promptly sat down to discuss all the decisions they needed to make about end of life plans. The show really highlighted how easy it is to misunderstand the questions and plans that really need to be asked and planned ahead for. 


Contact your pre-planning pros to ask all your questions today.


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