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"My family has  been going here for years. I recently had to plan a funeral for my first time and I'm glad we went with them. When I went there they were very informative and walked me through the process. They helped me pick out the things we needed, but also made suggestions on how to watch the money. I NEVER felt rushed or pressured in any way and they were always professional. They are nothing but kind and extremely considerate! I truly believe they really did and do care about us! "


"They did an excellent job for my father's funeral and made the entire process so easy and brought up items for consideration that we never even thought of. The facility was perfect for our needs and really was a calming atmosphere."


"The owners and staff at Willwersheid were not only extremely efficient, helpful and polite, they also sent a card on my late father's birthday, which was very touching and appreciated. They went above and beyond anything I expected and made arranging the details of the funeral and burial as easy as possible."


"Sure enough 6 weeks later my 90 y/o mother in law died. She was on home hospice so the procedure was a little different. After the pronouncing of her death I had to call the funeral home to pick her up. I was told they were busy, and they came in a timely manner. Even it's a loved one, a dead body in the bedroom is damned creepy. We were able to make arrangements the next day. I like how during the visitation they're so available and on top of things. Turns out we shared the day with a much younger man who was very popular and had almost 200 guests. We were in the smaller room across the way, yet as people came in they were drawn to our side to sign in. This basically led to me directing traffic, rather than visiting with our guests. So right away the director moved our sign in to inside our room, problem solved. They are very good at helping you keep costs down. At stressful times like this you want friendly, co-operative people at your service."