Virtual Grief Support When You Must “Stay at Home”

“Staying home” does not need to mean being alone in your grief. It’s a whole new world out there right now. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has literally sent us to our rooms.  We are being asked to “stay at home” to protect the health and safety of our…...

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Funerals During a Pandemic

Funerals During a Pandemic   The global pandemic has the  world sailing in uncharted waters. Social distancing has become the buzz phrase of the moment.  In order to slow the spread of the “coronavirus” unprecedented action is being taken. As we speak we are living in what will someday be…...

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Coronavirus- Grief and Anxiety during a National Emergency

Grief and anxiety during a national emergency.  The outbreak of the Covid-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus has taken the world and is turning it upside down. It has been repeated over again, “these are unprecedented times”. The United States has joined the list of countries who are experiencing a…...

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