An “Earth-Friendly” Alternative to Traditional Burial

For over 125 years the Willwerscheid family has been an innovator in the funeral industry. Keeping in this tradition, we now offer funeral care options that are more environmentally sustainable while at the same time honor our individual spirituality and traditions.

Natural Burial and Cremation give families additional options for the care for their deceased loved ones. Some of these additional options include having a public visitation without chemical embalming. We accomplish this by using either dry ice or non-toxic fluids. Additionally, we have established procedures that allow for funerals and visitations in your home. Families now have the option to become involved in the preparation and care of the decedent.

Our staff will help educate you on the guidelines established by local cemeteries as they relate to natural burial. If the decedent is to be buried we provide caskets that are made of all natural materials. Further, we provide vaults that allow the body to return to the earth in a natural and expedited manner.

Our facilities, at Natural Burial and Cremation, encompass all natural elements. Fire, rock, and water help create a soothing atmosphere. This evokes a feeling of part spa and part European café. Our space is truly designed to make you feel comfortable while you honor your loved one. The front of our main gathering space features two 55 inch flat screen monitors on which a customized video tribute is played. These video tributes tell the individual’s story in the form of pictures and song. In addition, our facility can accommodate intimate receptions before, during, or after services and gatherings in a beautifully appointed space.

Please take some time, stop in, meet our staff, and view our unique facilities.

Natural Burial, A Greener Way

Natural burial seeks to return one’s remains to the earth as directly and simply as possible. A natural burial attempts to avoid embalming with aldehyde based chemicals and instead uses preservation techniques that are more earth friendly. These techniques include the use of dry ice and non-toxic embalming chemicals. In addition, natural burial stresses the use of earth- friendly caskets and burial vaults.

There are many shades of “green” in a natural burial. The greenest natural burial would be one in which the interment would take place in a certified green cemetery in which the shrouded body is place directly in the ground.

In Minnesota, a more realistic natural burial would be one in which the deceased would be placed in a bio-degradable casket and preserved with dry ice for visitation and services. At the time of interment the casketed body would be placed in a bottomless vault and buried in one’s family cemetery.

Cremation, although not nearly as “green” as natural burial, is perceived as being kinder to the environment. There is an argument to be made that cremation does leave a significant carbon footprint due to the consumption of carbon-based resources and fuels. However, cremation can be made more natural and greener through the use of scattering urns and bio-degradable urns.

Natural burial can be seen as a return to the traditional customs of our pre-industrial society. Our religious and spiritually traditions are really unaffected by our choice of natural burial. The purpose of natural burial is to allow the body to quickly and naturally return to the elements of earth and begin the regeneration of new life.

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