Embrace the Smooth Touch of Eternal Connection 

Parting Stone has pioneered a technology to offer solidified remains created from your loved one’s ashes. The result is a collection of beautiful, polished “stones” that are as unique as your loved one. 

Select Parting Stone to Remember Your Loved One

Imagine the cool, soothing feel of a lovely, polished solid sphere in your hands, a literal touchstone created from your loved one’s very being. Parting Stone provides a clean, beautiful alternative to ashes after cremation. Once the laboratory creates solidified remains from your loved one’s ashes, you may safely handle, store, display, or travel with them as you wish. There is nothing like Parting Stone to create an elegant connection with loved ones. 

Bring Your Family Together

A Parting Stone collection may be held, shared, or displayed. Solidified remains allow family members to share in this beautiful, tangible memory. The solidification service for an adult returns the total amount of remains as an average of 40-60 “stones,” depending on the amount of ash provided. 

Create a Special Memorial in Your Home

Some families create a special place in their homes or gardens using Parting Stone as a focal point. You may choose to surround the “stones” with flowers or a photograph of your loved one. The fact that families may share Parting Stone collections empowers individuals to create a personal, lasting connection. 

How They Create Parting Stone 

The color of each collection is 100% natural. From pure white to softly colored hues and textures, each “stone” is uniquely beautiful. Their service solidifies 100% of the ash into a form of remains that resembles a collection of 40-60 “stones.” 

You have peace of mind that 100% of all batches are processed separately, with a step-by-step chain of custody. 

After cremation, there are five simple steps to create your special collection:

1. Collection 

They send a collection kit to get your ashes shipped safely to their Santa Fe, New Mexico laboratory.

2. Purification

Parting Stone removes foreign objects to separate screws, staples, and implants from the pure cremated ashes.

3. Formation 

They transform ashes into a clay-like material and add a binding agent to form a solid. 

4. Solidification 

The solids are heated in a kiln, giving them their hardness and permanence, then cleaned and polished. 

5. Returned

Parting Stone carefully packages and ships your collection so you can share them with friends and family.

Parting Stone’s Return-to-Ash Guarantee 

If unsatisfied with their service or finished products, you can send Parting Stone 100% of the solidified remains and they will return them to ash-like powder and refund your purchase price. You may request a full refund within one year of receiving the solidified remains, including during the waiting period before receiving the Collection Kit. Applicable shipping fees will be deducted. 

Create a Touchable Memory with Parting Stone

Parting Stone creates a unique collection of clean, beautiful solidified remains from your loved one’s ashes. To begin your Parting Stone journey, call Willwerscheid Funeral Home & Cremation Service​ at (​651) 222-9918​.