Should You Bring a Gift to a Funeral?

 Do you need to bring a gift to a funeral? Funeral etiquette can be different depending on unique cultural traditions; but there is some general etiquette for funerals that are widely understood. Emotions are already flowing. Loved ones are stressed out and mourning. The last thing you would want to…...

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Funeral Etiquette for the Inexperienced

While funerals are not very comfortable ceremonies to attend, it is important to remember that your presence during this difficult time is significant to the loved ones of the deceased.  It is a time of mourning and grieving. Don’t let the unfamiliarity of the rites and traditions embraced by the…...

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Flowers and Funerals: What Should I Get?

Your close friend had a loved one pass away and of course you’ll be going to the funeral but you want to get some nice flowers to bring as well. The question is, which flowers do you get? Here’s a quick and easy visual guide to the top 12 funeral…...

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