mental health

Bad Behavior or a Trauma Response?

Do you know anyone who seems to make so many poor choices? Have you ever asked if it is truly bad behavior or a trauma response? When someone has experienced a loss, a show of grief is an expected response. When calls go unanswered or tempers are short as a…...

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5 Ways to Prioritize Mental Health While You Grieve

Managing grief and mental health often go hand in hand. It is so important to prioritize mental health while you grieve.    Grief can really throw off your moods. If you are normally bubbly and outgoing you may feel more sullen and withdrawn. If you are serious and focused you…...

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Grief and Mental Health

Grief and Mental Health This month is mental health awareness month.  There is a real need at this time in history to check in on our mental health, especially for those who are experiencing grief. Each of us interpret life in our own way. There are the standard “stages of…...

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