natural burial

New Life Through Natural Burial and Cremation

Natural burial and cremation is the new “old” way of doing things. The development of technology makes things easier to do and more accessible than ever. However over time we have learned that technology is not always friendly to the planet. Over the past decade or so there has been…...

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Is “Green” or Natural Burial for Me?

What is “Green” or Natural burial?  “Green” or Natural burial is an alternative way of burying a deceased person. When a natural burial takes place it is carried out in an environmentally friendly way. In a “normal” western burial there are a lot of chemicals involved when embalming or preserving…...

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5 Ways to Plan a Natural Burial

Do you want to have the funeral you desire? Do you want to prepare things in advance and take the burden off of your loved ones who will be mourning their loss of you.  Pre-planning your own funeral will allow all of this to be taken care of. Not only…...

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